Craft Of The Titans

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Many Generators are crashing my game

#318 By  redlink259

Created May 18, 2019 Updated Aug 22, 2019


Hey so im having an issue, alot of my worlds are getting perma crashing, a few times with the water generator and now recently with the manufactory. I do not know how to insert crash logs but I just want to bring this issue up

Jun 29, 2019

Hi, if you are having problems with Nuclearcraft - I believe there's an issue with the latest version of the Mod in this pack, try roll-back to the previous version of Nuclearcraft and it may resolve for you

Aug 22, 2019

This is caused by a bug in NuclearCraft when IC2 is listed as a soft dependency, but there are parts of the code that work as if it's a hard dependency:


The bug was fixed in the 1.12.2 versions but it was't backported.


The only real fix would be to install IC2.

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