This is used by all the players on the Cracked Squad SMP, and is being made available for all to download in case they want to play with the same exact mods that they see on our streams!


So what is this pack?


This pack aims to be an adventure designed to take your gameplay to new heights! Embark on epic adventures, discover hidden treasures, and delve into dangerous dungeons with a collection of carefully selected mods that enhance the exploration and adventure aspects of the game.


Dungeon Crawl: Prepare to explore vast underground labyrinths teeming with deadly creatures and valuable loot. Dungeon Crawl adds challenging dungeons filled with unique monsters and rare rewards, guaranteeing thrilling encounters around every corner.


JEI (Just Enough Items): Master your crafting skills with JEI, a handy mod that provides an in-game recipe viewer and item catalog. Easily look up recipes and learn about new items, ensuring you never miss out on the crafting possibilities available.


Mouse Tweaks: Simplify your inventory management with Mouse Tweaks. This mod allows you to sort, organize, and move items effortlessly, improving your overall gameplay experience.

Bountiful: Spice up your world with Bountiful, a mod that introduces new crops, plants, and farming mechanics. Grow exotic fruits and vegetables, breed animals, and create thriving farms to sustain your adventures.


Better Caves: Say farewell to dull, monotonous caves! Better Caves revolutionizes the underground experience, generating intricate cave systems with varied terrain, mineral deposits, and hidden surprises.

Better Mineshafts: Uncover ancient tunnels and sprawling mineshafts with Better Mineshafts. This mod improves the generation of mineshafts, making them larger, more realistic, and packed with valuable resources.


Subterranean Wilderness: Explore a subterranean paradise with Subterranean Wilderness. Encounter lush biomes, unique flora and fauna, and breathtaking landscapes hidden deep beneath the surface.


Project MMO: Dive into the realm of role-playing with Project MMO. This mod introduces a complex leveling system and skill trees, allowing you to build your own epic adventure within Minecraft.


Valhelsia Structures: Discover stunning and diverse structures scattered across the land. Valhelsia Structures adds impressive buildings, castles, villages, and more, giving your world a sense of wonder and grandeur.


Ice and Fire: Encounter mythical creatures and brave the elements with Ice and Fire. This mod introduces majestic dragons, powerful mythical beasts, and a dynamic weather system, making your adventures even more perilous and exciting.


Corpse: Death no longer means losing all your belongings! Corpse creates a grave where your items are stored upon death, allowing you to retrieve them when you respawn. Say goodbye to frustrating item losses!


Repurposed Structures: Revitalize your exploration experience with Repurposed Structures. Encounter revamped versions of existing Minecraft structures, each with unique challenges and rewards.

Archer's Paradox: Master the art of archery with Archer's Paradox. This mod enhances the bow mechanics, introducing new arrow types, aiming mechanics, and advanced archery techniques.

End Remastered and Better End: Unveil the secrets of the End dimension with End Remastered and Better End. These mods enhance the End's terrain, mobs, and loot, providing a fresh and captivating end-game experience.


Comforts: Enhance your survival skills with Comforts. Craft sleeping bags, hammocks, and other cozy items to set up temporary respawn points and rest during your arduous journeys.

Traveler's Backpack: Carry your essentials on the go with Traveler's Backpack. This mod introduces spacious backpacks with various compartments, allowing you to organize your items and venture further without being weighed down.


Waystones: Establish a network of magical teleportation points with Waystones. Create and activate these stone structures throughout the world to facilitate quick and convenient travel.


Towers of the Wild: Ascend towering structures scattered across the landscape with Towers of the Wild. Each tower presents you with a good early game challenge to climb them, and some great loot at the top, as well as waystones from the previous mod!


Paragliders: Inspired by Breath of the Wild, this mod allows you to have elytra-like movement options long before you go to the End!


Aquaculture: This allows you to have even more to explore in the depths of the oceans and new mysteries to discover!


Dynamic Surroundings: The sounds of the world never felt quite the same before this mod, from ambient sounds in a cave system to the forests coming alive with the sound of twigs snapping and birds chirping, and much more!


Oh the biomes you'll go: One of the 2 different biome mods in this modpack, which I'm sure most people will know by now. It adds a myriad of different biomes to the world of minecraft to make exploring that much more magical.


Biomes o' Plenty: The other biome mod, which is even more famous than the last, which adds still more adventure for you to experience.


Ars Nouveau: A magic mod that allows you to harness the power of nature itself in order to take control of magic, perfect for new and experienced players alike with complex systems in place that allow you to make your own spells!