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Countries and Nations Server


This modpack is made for the Countries and Nations Minecraft Server and will be updated alongside it. The current mods include adventuring mods, weapons mods, vehicle mods, and armor mods among many others which improve the quality of gameplay pvp or otherwise.


The CNMC discord server can be joined through this link: https://discord.gg/cnmc


This pack includes



-Another Furniture



-Beautify: Refabricated

-Better Animals Plus

-Better Combat




-Chisel Reborn

-Cloth Config API


-Coffee Delight

-Colorful Azaleas

-Combat Roll

-Cosmetic Armor

-Create Big Cannons

-Create Crafts & Additions


-Create Ore Excavation

-Create Slice & Dice

-Create Support for OpenPAC

-Create Utilities

-Create Steam n' Rails



-Drink Beer Unofficial: Clockwork Edition

-Dynamic Sound Filters

-Easy Anvils


-Enchantment Descriptions

-Epic Knights:Shields, Armor and Weapons

-Fabric Language Kotlin

-Farmer's Delight

-Farmer's Respite




-Grim Statues

-Immersive Aircraft

-Immersive Armors

-Immersive Melodies

-Immersive Paintings


-Iris Shaders

-MC Dungeons Armors

-MC Dungeons Weapons

-Minecraft Transit Railway

-Mining Dimensions

-Mod Menu

-Moonlight Lib

-Music Maker Mod


-No Chat reports


-owo lib

-Paladins & Priests


-Player Animator


-Projectile Damage Attribute

-Puzzles Lib


-Roughly Enough Items


-Simple Animated Guns

-Simple Voice Chat

-Small Ships


-Spell Engine

-Spell Power Attributes

-SuperMartinjn642's Config Lib

-SuperMartinjn642's Core Lib



-Trade Cycling


-Vanilla Hammers

-Veritcal Slabs Compat




-Xaero's Minimap

-Xaero's World Map

-YDM's Weapon Master




All of these mods combined are used to enhance the roleplay, travel, combat, and crafting aspects of gameplay within the Countries and Nations Minecraft Server.

This modpack is sponsored by Bisect Hosting!