Baz4k Presents - COHESIVE


Cohesive is a modpack made from some of the best mods available for 1.18.2. The settings and config files have been tailored to work together seamlessly and provide an ultra polished appearance and presentation.


My aim with this modpack is to polish everything to give it an "out of the box" feel. By the time I consider this pack finished it will function as if it was all meant to be together and the lines between what is a mod and what is vanilla will (hopefully) be blurred. 


While this pack is fully working and playable, there are a ton of small things that need to be done to give it that seamless look. If you find anyuthing that you believe should be changed just let me know in the comments below!


To do;


  • Test every mod and ensure that all bugs and conflicts are delt with.
  • Ensure all of the UI elements from the different mods play nice with each other and do not overlap or conflict.
  • Ensure that duplicate items from different mods are condensed into one item and it works where it should.
  • Ensure all keybinds are working and not duplicated.
  • Create documentation for the modpack describing what mods are available and what the keybinds are. 




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