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 Minecraft Version & Modloader 




⚙️ Fabric only!

⚙️ Built in shader support

⚙️ Enhanced world and structure generation

⚙️ Tons of new mobs

⚙️ Steampunk theme

⚙️ Automation with Create and Tom's Simple Storage

⚙️ Backpacks for your future adventures

⚙️ Graves so you never lose your items again

⚙️ Furniture for all your decoration needs

⚙️ Vertical slabs

⚙️ Worldwide seasons

⚙️ In-Game voice chat with environmental interactions

⚙️ REI [Roughly Enough Items] to keep track of all new blocks

⚙️ Tons of QoL Mods [Quality of Life]





Minimum allocated RAM: 3 GB

Recommended allocated RAM: 4 GB