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Civilizations 2

 this modpack is for servers and designed for servers, it allows players to reenact a civilization in the Medieval era, allowing for custom teams and much more.

We have made this experience even better by only offering 64 mods in this mod-pack, so you don't have to worry about fps drops or your servers TPS dropping.


What this mod-pack offers

we offer a Medieval experience for players containing your favorite mods, like Ice and fire, goblin traders, better world generation and more structures. This also provides a way better server experience too, this mod pack is encouraged to be ran on servers, since it is such a low amount of mods but still containing great game play for players to enjoy exploring, raiding dungeons and creating kingdoms of there own.


What players can expect 

The mod pack offers a rich an vast world for players to explore with many challenging enemy's, like the goblin king
fight dragons and other bosses
build Ur kingdom
be a peasant or a king anything is possible
but remember in the end only the strongest will prevail


Discord-Invite: https://discord.gg/WB6fqdsWX6