Chillax's Organized Crime

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Chillax's Organized Crime





Chillax’s Organized Crime is a revamp of the OG Organized Crime modpack from back in the day and now better than ever!


We have a dedicated server for the Chillax Organized Crime modpack within Chillax MC. While this pack is heavily dedicated to that server, it is still usable on singleplayer. We highly recommend playing our fully managed, 24/7 uptime, server for the best experience!


The main purpose of the server and modpack: Crime, Herbs, and PvP.


Your overall goal is to gain as much money as you possibly can and be the Overboss of the server. How you approach this is up to you. Almost 95% of the entire city is rentable, and it’s up to you to choose where you want to make a living. Drive Cars, Fly Planes, and take over the server as a mafia boss! This is your world, and you just have others living in it.


Come join us in Chillax City for the herbs, pvp, and fun filled experience on Chillax MC.




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