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Cel's Zombieverse


"Cel's Zombieverse" is a thrilling Minecraft modpack that will twist the wholesome Minecraft you know (and love) into something out of your worst nightmares, while also introducing vanilla+ features and vastly improved exploration. The modpack features over 60 different mods, including the "Scape and Run Parasites" mod, which introduces a variety of gruesome and terrifying parasites to the world of Minecraft. These parasites behave in unique and unpredictable ways as they evolve over time, and players will need to use all of their skills, knowledge and intuition to survive. In addition to the Scape and Run Parasites mod, the modpack includes a range of other mods that add new weapons, tools, and mechanics to the game. Players can expect to find everything from special mobs with randomized powerups, a vast arsenal of martial weapons, tons of new enchantments, firearms, explosives...and even nukes! The modpack also features vastly improved exploration, with new biomes, structures, different dungeons and various challenges to discover. To fully immerse yourself in "Cel's Zombieverse," we (the Cel's Zombieverse team) recommend using a skin of a character from your favorite zombie media, whether they be from a video game, a movie or a TV show.



Head over to the options menu and check your keybinds and edit them to your preference.

(Recommended) Download OptiFine for 1.12.2