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This Modpack puts your knowledge to the test!


It is focused and build around noeppi_noeppi's Bongo Mod.

The goal is to get the items listed in the bingo card as fast as possible. Since most are mod items you can finally see,

who knows the most about each mod! Of course, there is also a bit of luck involved. 


Because this modpack is most fun playing with friends, we partnered with G-Portal to provide pre-configured servers for this modpack.

Get your server herehttps://www.g-portal.com/de/creator-bundles/castcrafter-bingo-bundle


There are several tech and magic mods. Aswell as a couple of premade bingos. 

Future updates will bring new mods and bingos to the pack. If you want to create your own bingo, see HERE


Please check out the Bongo mod documentation to learn how to use everything. 

If you have any suggestions, or want your own bingo featured in the modpack, please head over to Discord