my goal was to expand on my previous modpack by making it a bit more casual, give more options late game and incentivize playing longer. 


this pack includes performance mods like sodium, sodium extras, lithium, feritecore, cull leaves and starlight. as well as iris shaders and distant horizons.

most of these are deletable, for example if you don't like cull leaves you can remove it, however iris is dependent on sodium like sodium extras. 


content mods include:

-No Tree Punching, collect flint from gravel, sticks from the ground, saplings from leaves then craft a flint knife. from there, gather some fiber to make plant string, make flint tools and get cracking!

-Artifacts, in loot chests, there is an occasional chance to find an artifact. these are equipped via trinket slots.

-Inmis, backpacks! these are also equipped via trinket slots.

-Bountiful, find bounty stations in the world and complete them for rewards! some easy early game questing.

-Bartering Station, allows trading with those annoying piglins slightly less headache inducing

-Chipped, adds hundreds upon hundreds of new, vanilla themed variations of blocks to spice up your builds.

-Culinary Construct, make a new workbench and craft sanviches even heavy would love to eat! (knife not included)

-Dungeon Difficulty, some areas are more difficult then others, but come with more loot! experiment where feels like a good place to plop down a base

-dusk, adding to the zombie overload theme, this mod makes them come in bigger, bigger, and bigger swarms (assisted by the vanilla mechanic in hard mode where zombies will spawn re-enforcements)

-Enchanting Infuser, an easier take on the enchantment table reducing villager and vanilla system grind time. you worked for those enchants, get what you want when you want it!

-Enderite, adds enderite, an end game armour (alternative / upgrade to alternate armours but not compatible with expert armours so it uses vanilla style recipes)

-Expert Armour and Expert Weapons/Tools, changes how tools, weapons and armour are crafted to make progression more meaningful and give use to puffish skills. sharpening stones are needed for tools and weapons! (one use items)

-Extractinator, adds a new machine that takes input junk mining resources and occasionally spits out loot from them. also adds silt, which has a higher chance of having loot extracted from it.

-Fabric Enchantments, a few new enchantments to assist simple tasks and add variety

-Hardcore Torches, torches need to be lit and kept lit, lanterns need to be kept fueled, etc 

-Healing Campfires, campfires heal you now, helps you create a more safe feeling home

-Health Levels, more XP = more hearts, start out with very few and add more via experience and puffish skills

-Immersive Armours, adds a few more types of armours crafted the same way as others with expert armour, including wood armour!

-Just Hammers, adds simple hammers that allow you to gather large material quantities quickly if need be

-Mendable Anvils, you can now mend anvils with iron ingots like iron golems!

-Packages, single item bulk storage. can be automated with hoppers. (when picked up using Carry On they lose texture data. break and replace to fix, they dont lose contents like a chest)
-Puffish Skills, simple skill system you can use to grow in the long term, default bind is k (iris shaders shader toggle is also default k so watch out)

-Simple Chunkloaders, adds some endgame chunk loading blocks to assist in productivity while your away, looking for artifacts

-Tiered, gear crafts with random modifiers and a level, the further you learn the better the item qualities get


Worldgen mods:

-William Wythers' Overhauled Overworld (WWOO), changes overworld worldgen and biomes, still feels semi-vanilla

-CaveOre, ores can only be found in caves, no more strip mining for you! (may change this mod in the future)

-Explorify, more structures to explore

-incendium, nether worldgen mod (more variety) 

-Phillips Ruins, more ruins, structures, loot

-Yungs Series, these include bridges, extras, fortresses, dungeons, strongholds, and mineshafts


non-content mods I feel I should go over:

-e4Mc, when you open to LAN a link will be sent in chat. this link is your LAN server connected to the internet. other people you share the link with can join you in multiplayer (deletable)

-Xaeros WorldMap, adds a map via the M key you can look at to help navigate

-Appleskin, hunger information

-Just Enough Items, JEI helps you with crafting recipes and finding what something is / does

-Legendary Toolltips, gives some pizzaz to your epic sword!

-Stacker, modifies stack sizes, I recommend a size of 32 to give more use to packages


all other mods are dependencies


datapacks that go with the mod are my saplings to sticks datapack, onlyzombies and plant string to string datapack. Join my discord to download them!




the onlyzombies datapack prevents skeletons, creepers and spiders from spawning (cave spiders and endermen still spawn)


I suggest you use my datapacks and read up a bit on the No Tree Punching wiki.

(to install datapacks simple unzip them and put them in minecraft/saves/name-of-your-world/datapacks)


this pack is really just for me but I'm putting it on curseforge to share with everyone

I may change things in the future.


have a good day :)