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Bonfires is a lightweight yet fully-overhauled modpack designed to provide a thrilling and demanding experience while preserving the core aspects of vanilla progression. This modpack aims to transform the familiar Minecraft world into a challenging survival experience, designed only for those who are veterans of the game and know their stuff. If you've ever thought to yourself, "Minecraft is too easy! I wish it were harder!", then this modpack is definitely for you. And if you haven't thought that, give it a go anyway, you might enjoy it!


Prepare to start your survival journey in a familiar world with unfamiliar tools at your disposal. Upon going to craft your first tools, you'll notice the lack of a crafting table GUI-- or any GUI at all, except your inventory. To craft, smelt, smith, and repair items, you must use the in-world blocks to do so. Hope you have your recipes memorized! Not to mention, your health is now split up into 8 categories, you have seasonal changes to deal with, and the mobs you're familiar with are now WAY smarter! And that's just the beginning.


During your gameplay, you'll find that there aren't actually any new items for you to craft, or any new mobs for you to fight, or new worlds to explore-- and that's the idea. This modpack isn't designed for hardcore modded-Minecraft players, it's designed for players who want a vanilla+ experience that isn't overwhelming and doesn't add too much content. It's designed to give players a challenge and make the game feel much more immersive and rewarding to play!


Despite these daunting changes, the modpack retains the essence of Minecraft's vanilla gameplay, allowing you to embark on an epic adventure while still experiencing the familiar sense of progression. Gather resources, build your base, explore vast biomes, and conquer formidable foes. Bonfires offers a thrilling and truly challenging experience that will keep even the most seasoned Minecraft players on their toes.

I talked briefly about what to expect, but if you really want a comprehensive list of what this pack has to offer...

  • Experience a more difficult health system with First Aid and Rough Tweaks. Natural regeneration is disabled now, and you'll have to craft supplies to heal certain body parts. If you injure your arms or legs, you get debuffs, but if you injure your head or torso: it's game over.
  • Say goodbye to those familiar GUIs! ImmersiveMC allows you to use crafting tables, furnaces, and more in-world instead of on a boring screen menu. Also, you'll have to sort through your chest items in-world too, so be careful on how you store those!
  • When you create a world, it's no longer morning and clear weather-- in fact, nothing's familiar! Upon world creation, you'll be spawned in a random location, during a random time of day, and during random weather conditions. This can make or break your early days of your world.
  • If you prefer farming, be warned that some crops only grow during certain seasons with Serene Seasons. You can view what season you're currently in on your HUD. You world will also dynamically change as the seasons progress, making it feel much more alive!
  • Mobs are much smarter now, and can pose as a much larger threat to you than ever before! They will go great lengths to hunt you down and make you their dinner, and with the inclusion of Blood Moons, the nights can become more deadly than you ever remembered!


Before you jump in, I gotta let you know... there are THREE new recipes! I know, super-duper complex and way too overwhelming. I conveniently have some screenshots of those recipes that you'll need to craft items in order to heal, since you can't access the recipes in-game (at least for now). I bestow upon you my knowledge:


It might be a lot to take in, but I believe in you! Your life quite literally depends on it.