The latest in the line of modpacks made by SylvanusPC, blockbuster4664, and TheGreenShadow, Bois Pack 6 aims to impress with new and familiar gameplay aspects plus new multiplayer enhancements to spice up the experience. A blend of tech, magic, exploration, and roleplay, Bois Pack 6 continues the kitchen-sink style approach players of the pack have come to recognize and enjoy. We've brought back many of the popular mods you enjoy like Create, Botania, Mystical Agriculture, and Mekanism, but we've also thrown in some new mods, like Beyond Earth, Security Craft, and plenty of mods for building and customizing to your heart's desire like Adorn, Macaw's, and Supplementaries! The full modlist can be found here: Bois Pack 6 Modlist - Pastebin.com