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Are you stuck at home bored during quarantine? Well, here's the modpack for you!

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Put together by thePC001 and blockbuster4664, Bois Pack 4 is the first ever public version of our private modpack, the Bois Pack! Meant originally as a small modpack for us and our friends, it has since grown in complexity and stability enough that we believed it should be open to the public! This is the 3rd 4th edition of the pack, with lots of content but not a lot of clutter!


So what's in this pack you might ask? Well that's a perfectly valid question and here's your answer! The Bois Pack 4 is a relatively lightweight (under 180 mods, with many being quality of life mods) pack that covers many different things from technology with mods like Mekanism and Thermal expansion, to magic with evilcraft. We've also included mods like Additional Structures, NetherEx, and Traverse in order to spice up worldgen while keeping the style of vanilla Minecraft. Oh and also the abilities to make dinosaurs and go to space are worth noting too! The focus of this pack was also to make it more difficult than our previous unreleased-to-the-public packs by including mods like Pollution of the Realms and Pam's Harvestcraft. This was done so that you aren't going to be able to knock out all this pack has to offer in a day or two. There are also some other random fun mods to spice it up with a little variety, giving you a lot of different types of mods in a relatively small package.


What's New?

- Pollution, and a way to clean it up!

- A more balanced power generation system through NuclearCraft!

- Seasons!

- A custom main menu!

- Discord Rich Presence integration!


What's the Same?

- Hats!

- Mainline mods like the Thermal series, Mekanism, Tinkers' Construct, and more!

- Fun!


Check the dependencies list for a full list of mods present.



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