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tech magic and adventure in the vault

Better Vault Explorer is a modpack of adventure and technology
Complete enough to never get bored
In this modpack, you can explore vaults to unlock new skills, take part in dragon hunts, ride dragons to explore the world, explore the world's various dungeons and visit the Twilight Forest.
Infiltrate the giant mirmex anthill and then, if you make it out alive, you'll have a lot of fun.

Although this modpack is in 1.18.2, the guard is still present, so be careful not to make any noise or he'll spot you.


Once you've explored the map, you'll need to stop and deposit the astronomical amount of stuff you've accumulated during the dungeons - what better way than with an applied energy storage system, rftools, rafined storage or even a simple storage array?
Automatic industry with ''create''.
Build the largest possible nuclear reactors to power your entire base.
Are dungeons getting more complicated?
Build your own ultra-powerful mekanism, draconic evolution or botanical armor.


In a future update, I'll be adding an ftb quest system.