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Better Progression is a modpack that enhances the player progression of minecraft while still keeping a semi-vanilla feel. The aim of this modpack is to increase the time it takes to upgrade between stages, as I have recently viewed the vanilla minecraft stage progression as too fast, this modpack aims to change that but still keep it fun to play.


Have you ever thought that minecraft's default progression is too fast nowadays? Me too.
This Modpack aims to change that, but still keep it fun to play.

Things to expect when playing:
- New armor/ore tiers (vanilla armor/tools have been nerfed to fit these new ones in).

  • - Slower start to the game
  • - Instead of stopping at netherite, you can now go to SPACE!
  • - Better fishing progression
  • - Overhauled Farming
  • - Many, MANY more things


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