Modpack Overview


  • Completly Compatible with Vanilla worlds and Servers with simple VC
  • Better Performance
  • Better UI and HUD
  • Error Fixes and inprovments




  • Appleskin (v1.0+): Shows how much Foodbars you regenerate and how much Regeneration you get from it
  • Better F3 (v1.0+): Redesigns the F3 Menu from scratch with very much new enhancments (Open the new menu with F3)
  • Clumps (v1.0+): Reduces lag by clumping very much xp orbs into a single orb
  • Controlling (v1.0+): Lets you search and change your controlls with ease (Only changes the controlls menu)
  • Enchantment descriptions (v1.0+): Gives a brief description of an enchantment when hovering with the mouse over it
  • Entityculling (v1.0+): Reduces lag by unloading Blocks and Mobs that the player cant see
  • ESSENTIAL mod (v1.0+): Allows you to join your Friends worlds like in bedrock edition (Allow friends to join your world by pressing invite in the pause menu)
  • Essential GUI (v1.0+): Shows info about blocks and mobs (Press Alt button to see even more information. Gives you the worldtime, Biome you are currently in and weather. (Only a HUD)
  • Inventory Profiles Next (IPN) (v1.0+): A mod to controll and sort your Inventory and chests. You can also create Profiles to automatically prepare your Hotbar, Offhand and armorslots for any cause
  • Iris Shaders (v1.0+): Allows you to use Optifine with fabric (Without connected glass)
  • Just enough items (JEI) (v1.0+): Shows crafting recipes for Blocks and items
  • Just enough resourses (JER) (OUTDATED! v1.0-v1.0.2): Shows mob drops and chest loot
  • Mod menu (v1.0+): Is a mod to see all your mods and configure them (Comes as a button in the pause menu)
  • Mouse tweaks (v1.0+): More tweaks for your inventory
  • Replay mod (v1.0+): Record your minecraft adventures and replay them after playing. Export them for very cool cinematic shots/videos (Open the replaymod menu in the main menu)
  • Simple Voice Chat (v1.0+): (Allows you to use voice chat in other friends worlds or in servers with simple voicechat installed (Join groups or change settings by pressing V)
  • Tips (v1.0+): Shows useful tips in the pause menu and world creation menu
  • Xaeros minimap & Xaeros worldmap  (v1.0+): Adds a minimap to the top right corner to your hud and a new worldmap menu (Open worldmap with M, Open Settings with Z, Open Waypoints menu with U, Create Waypoint with B)
  • Worldedit (v1.0+): Build easyer with this mod
  • Lazy Language Loader (v1.1.1+): loads new languages faster
  • Better Statistics (v1.1.1+): Enhances the stastistics menu
  • Dark loading screen (v1.1.1+): Makes the loading screen dark
  • Suggestion tweaker (v1.1.1+): It makes the command suggestions better
  • Very, Very much libraries: Multiple mods need them so they work


Resourse packs: Better survival (v1.0+) (Shows durability of items), Classic 3D & Crops 3D (OUTDATED! v1.0-v1.0.1) (Replaced "Classic 3D" with "3D Craft") (Makes Minecraft more 3D)


Curseforge App 

To install this modpack you need to use the Curseforge app

Change all this in your Curseforge app or in the Curseforge Config under "My PC / [PC type] / users / your username on your pc / curseforge / minecraft / instances / modpack name


v1.0:         Main Release with all mods

v1.0.1:      Removed REI because of overlapping with JEI

v1.0.2:      Added warning if you download the zip from the website

v1.1:         Replaced «Classic3D» with «3DCraft»

                 Removed «crops 3D» (Outdated)

                 Removed «Just Enough Resourses (JER)»

                 Added «Forge Config API port»

                 Added «Reeses Sodium Options»

                 Added «Worldedit»

                 Added «Disable custom world advice»

v1.1.1:      Updated mods

                 Added "Lazy language loader"

                 Added "Better statistics"

                 Added "Dark loading screen"

                 Added "Suggestion tweaker"


Unfixed (found) errors

Gui Error: In "replaymod" mode the gui overlaps with "essentialgui" mod (mods: "replaymod" , "essentialGUI" ) (Possible fixes: Remove "Replaymod" or "EssentialGUI")


Fixed (found) errors

v1.0: REI gui overlaps with JEI gui (mods: "Rougly enough items (REI)" , "Just enough items (JEI)" )


If you find any error i would appreciate it if you would write a comment and I will try to fix it