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Better Life Plus



This small modpack on 1.19.2 offers you exciting dungeons in the end of the Undergarden and Overworld, as well as many small Rpg elements, tool adjustments and more use of copper as well as a passive skill tree to improve you and your items. This makes the Minecraft experience for RP players, builders and explorers a lot more exciting! An important aspect of the modpack is that the overworld is modified when creating the world map so that it is a bit more realistic in its biome transitions and is not littered with deep trenches.


The mods revise the game world as follows:

  • Dungeons in the overworld and in the end
  • The undergarden is added as a new dimension
  • Boss opponents for exciting PVE fights
  • Better loot at the traders
  • Character development in the professions and Combat
  • New building elements for a better roleplaying experience
  • Revised crafting to improve his equipment
  • FPS boost for a smoother gameplay experience
  • Group system
  • a minimap for orientation


To use the modpack on your server you have to delete the following files from the mod folder of your server:

  1. Better F3
  2. Beter FPS
  3. Oculus
  4. Rubidium
  5. YDM's MobHealthBar