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A modpack created for the Beard Zone Gaming Community to explore, wander, and survive. For any questions or how to join, check out ChrisxChad's Twitch channel or the BZGC Discord Server!


This pack focuses on building, adventure, and a little magic! See the relations tab for a full list of the mods. 



  • World Gen with Oh The Biomes You'll Go
  • Shaders built in with Iris Shaders Mod
  • Mass resource gathering with Mining Dimensions
  • BetterEnd and BetterNether
  • A bunch of Dungeons & Structures
  • Plenty of new blocks!
  • Fabric Waystones and QOL mods
  • Xaero's World Map & Xaero's Minimap


︸ Read the wiki for more information on the Beardcraft SMP server! ︸


Disclaimer: Feel free to use this modpack on your own or with your friends! We claim no ownership of these mods, they're all made by wonderful and talented people!