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A very very very BAD modpack.
Contains over 200+ mods featuring Biomes, Dungeons, Quests, Origins (races), Classes, Mounts, Armors, Blocks, Maps, Shaders, Recipes, Built in MMO Server and other QoL stuff. The perfect min-maxing experience.




 Click Here for the list of mods in this modpack

A RPG focused modpack featuring Quests, Biomes, Dungeons, Origins and Exploration. Press (l) to open up the quests. Explore the vast biomes and dimensions in your worlds. Attempt quests and craft various furniture and items in game. Equip different types of weapons and armor and defeat the bosses. Play with others in the online section on the official servers.

Enable shaders from the config section.

Recommended RAM is 4GB but 6GB will be even better for this pack. The first time you load a world may take a while as it has to load all them biomes for you :)


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