The re-branding of Mechacraft series, I present to you the color series of mod packs!

- Created by Mechana -


General info:


The pack contains 420 mods.

Most of them just to make this game run correctly... 

Still would recommend about 10G of ram

(A mix of "magic", "tech", and exploration mods)


The ores are configured so only one or two kinds of the same ore (copper, tin, etc.) is spawning at in the world (Because I hate it when I have five different kinds of copper ore >:[ ).


Some recipe changes and added all the guide books to the Book Book, you will start with it.

Only a few balance changes as I get used to kubejs.


While this is a public pack it's mostly just for a small friend group,

I'll be trying to keep the pack updated frequently with new mods and some small config/balance.

(Until I get bored with the pack that is...)