Story Summary:


Water... Earth... Fire... Air...

Long ago the 4 nations lived in harmony, but everything changed when the fire nation attacked, ruling over all nations the Fire Nation slowly but surely took over and managed to change the world forever. But the world has its ways of effecting the wicked, a few days after the Fire Nation took down the last remaining Earth settlement a meteor landed and took our 95% of all living things. cleaning the world of all the wrong doings, but cause the cycle must continue a new Avatar was born into this new mysteries world.

That's where you come in, it is up to you to master all 4 elements and once again bring peace and life to this new world.

My Video on the Modpack:

My Video on the 200 Day Modpack:



Will I be doing a 200 Days Modpack?
Yes, but it will be built of this one.

Did you create any of the Mods in this pack?

I didn't create ANY of the mods in this mod pack, however I did help with the Flying Lemur mod, every other mod was created by there author 

Will you update the pack to 1.14+?
Sadly no I won't as most mods used in the pack haven't been updated to those versions yet.

"Again all mods in this pack ARE NOT created by me, I am just a YouTuber making content and sharing my packs I made for said content"