Auxiliary 🧯

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Auxiliary is a Fabric 1.18 QoL modpack focused on adding in those extra small things that seamlessly fit into vanilla. The main draw or the pack is the fact that you can use it on vanilla servers! Every mod is client sided QoL tweaks.

Each mod serves a purpose- to improve, fix, or add. Here are some of the mods and what they are best used for:

⌬ 🎥Camera Tweaks (Better Third Person, Camera Utils, Fabrishot, etc.)

⌬ 🍂Environmental Ambience (Dynamic Sound Filters, Effective 💦, Falling Leaves, Illuminations 🔥, Visuality, etc.)

⌬ 👥Multiplayer (Chat Heads, Xaero's Minimap and Worldmap, etc.)

⌬ 🛠QoL (AppleSkin, BetterF3, Blur, CleanCut, Enhanced Attack Indicator, Inventory HUD+, LambDynamicLights, there are so many more I can't go on enough!)

⌬ 🎭Animations (NotEnoughAnimations - I'm also hoping to expand upon this section in the future with mods like Trainguy's Animations although that is not yet released!)

All of the amazing mods used in the pack should be found in the relations/dependencies tab. Without the authors of those mods this pack wouldn't be possible, big shoutout to all of them!

Thank you for checking this pack out, maybe that image did the trick? I'm amazing at graphic design, I know ;P


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