293 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 20, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

AUM (Actually Updated Modpack) aims to give you the true modded survival experience like no other, the experience is yours to create!


All the mods that you know and love are in this pack! Including some newer mods like Advanced Rocketry, Mekanism, and some older mods like Logistics pipes and Buildcraft have also been included for those nostalgic.


If you are not familiar with mods, then you are in for a treat! You can go to space with your magic powers, conquer new bosses, and I should probably mention dragons... This is a great Modpack that heavily modifies vanilla. Everything in Vanilla is in this pack like many other Modpacks with many tech/exploration/magic mods!


As FTB Modpacks are diminishing in their support, we aim to keep this Modpack up to date throughout its lifetime so you don't have to.










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