As Seen On TV

260 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 17, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5   +2

A Minecraft that looks like the trailer:


The main feature of this modpack is make Minecraft looks like the official trailers of Mojang, I have also included some additional content which is a Vanilla Plus without breaking the gameplay:


* A resource pack that makes mobs and blocks look like the official trailers of Mojang

* Realistic Mobs corpse physics

* New Dungeons (Towers and underground)

* Improved Vanilla Dungeons, mineshafts and strongholds

* New Vanilla estrucutrures

*Vanilla + features (better burning, Iron golem, weather, etc.)

*New character actions and animations

* Minimal RPG aesthetics (Villager names, villages names, cosmetic armor)

* It is highly recommended to use Optifine (not included) and it's optional to use one of the 2 suggested shaders (included).

* Zombie Horse spawns


What this modpack doesn't include:


* New blocks or mobs


* New Armor or weapons




 This is my first modpack, I hope you enjoy it!




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