Ampz (Voltz for 1.19) (Official Server)

If you cannot connect to the official server, please contact us on our discord server which is listed below to get assistance.

Note! There is an official server button in-game so you can join it without having to type in the ip and such.


Official Discord Serverhttps://discord.gg/zrJNv5jyt2

Official Server Website: https://ampzcommunityserver.enjin.com/

Official Wiki: https://wiki.aurilis.dev/

Ampz is a mod pack built around Minecraft 1.19. It is available both on the Curseforge and on the Technic Launcher. The Ampz modpack consists of various mods that use the Electrodynamics electricity API in addition to several others compatible with it. It intends to be as similar as the original Voltz way back from 1.4.7 as possible.

Bring the world at your knees with missiles, bombs, machinery, and all of the creations you can figure with your mind!

Help us create a new and better version of Voltz for Minecraft 1.19

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Mod List: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/ampz-1-19/relations/dependencies