20,927 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 20, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Crafter issues

#8 By  thynightmares

Created Sep 17, 2019 Updated Oct 8, 2019

Assigned to  parkermc01

The crafter you craft with memory blocks is broken, it will still craft recipes if you take the ingredients out sometimes. It seems to be just full grid recipes. So for example if you put memory blocks in all slots to make a compressed memory block, or a double compressed or triple, you can shift click all the stuff out and it still makes it but you keep the ingredients since you took them out. I accidently put all blocks of something else in but it started crafting something I didn't want because of amnesia so I took them out and it continued which is how I figured that out. I tested it with the memory blocks as well and also a single block in the middle of the grid recipe but the single block cancelled the crafting normally. I don't have any logs as it doesn't cause a crash or anything.

Sep 18, 2019

Yeah currently there isn't too much functionality with the crafter this will be changed in a future (hopefully soon depending on when I have time) update.

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