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Recipe for Jack-o-Lantern not working

#17 By  creiwen_

Created Oct 21, 2019 Updated Oct 21, 2019


I'm not sure if this is because I "forgot" what a Crafting Table looks like, but when I attempted to craft Jack-O-Lanterns using two Birch Wood Slabs -- one in the very center and one to the left of center of the table/station -- it did not give me the proper result.  Instead, it gave me a Green Slimesling.


(I used an Oak Fancy Workbench, a Crafting Station, and a Ghostwood Workbench in an attempt to try this recipe, all with futile results.)


I'm not sure if this is something I was doing inaccurately on my part but I am pretty sure I was using the right ingredients.

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