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Enter a new world, surviving against ancient foes, and crafting the powers to combat against it! This modpack is based on a multitude of series, the biggest one being Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (fmab). It takes inspiration from the setting, magical elements with steampunk-like technology, and mixes it with a slightly realistic world. Ancient creatures lurk across the world, some of which have not been exposed for millennia. It is your job to combat the foes, and harness the energy within, to create, advance, and evolve.




All rights are given to the original owners of these mods.

List of mods is currently as follows...

Antique Atlas, Arcane Archives, AstikorCarts, Atlas Extras, B.A.S.E, Baubles, Better Nether, Bibliocraft, Builder's Bag, TFC Caffeine Addon, Chisel, Chisels and Bits, CodechickenLib 1.8+, Comforts, ContentTweaker, Crafttweaker, ConnectedTexturesMod, Ender Storage 1.8+, Extra Bit Manipulation, Horse Power, Hwyla, Ice and Fire, JEI, LibraryEX, Llibrary, ModTweaker, Mouse Tweaks, MTLib, MysticalLib, NetherEx, NotEnoughIDs, Pam's Harvestcraft, Paragliders, Shield Parry, Terrafirmacraft, TFC Drying Rack, TFC Aged Drinks, TFC:Metallum, TFCTech Unofficial, Unlimited Chisel Works, Unlimited Chisel Works Terrafirmacraft, VanillaFix, TFC Water Flasks, Wearable Backpacks, Worley's Caves.


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