Agrarian Skies 2

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Setting Up an Agrarian Skies 2 Server

So you want to set up an Agrarian Skies 2 server, but don't know how?


This guide assumes that you are unfamiliar with the process for setting up a modded 1.7.10 Minecraft Server.


Step 1:


Step 2:

 Run the installer

Select "Install Server"

Choose were you want the server files to beExample Filepath and Installer Dialog

Hit [OK]


The Forge Installer will download libraries as needed then present you with this screen:


Step 3: 

Navigate to where you installed the server, and run forge-1.7.10-

Once it closes on its own, open eula.txt that was created in the same folder, and change eula=false to eula=true and then save the file


Step 4:

Download the current Agrarian Skies 2 Server Files.

Extract the contents of the Server Files to the location you installed the server.


Step 5:

Decide which map you want to run on the server.

After extracting the contents of the Agrarian Skies Server Files into the location you installed the forge server in 4, your folder will look like so:

In the maps folder, you will see the bundled maps like so:

Choose the map you want, copy (so that if you do not have to re-download the maps ) the entire folder to the root of your server folder like so:

Rename that folder to world

Then run forge-1.7.10- once more


Step 5:

The server will pause while it loads, and present you with this in the console:

In the box at the bottom, type in /fml confirm (pre-typed in the above screenshot) then hit enter


Step 6:

With the server still running

Check that the server is running properly by loading up Agrarian Skies 2 in the launcher of your choice, and in the multiplayer menu add a server with the Server Address localhost

If you are able to connect and everything looks right, congrats! Disconnect from the server, then in there server console type in the command stop and hit enter.


Step 7-N

Now that you have a working instance of the server, if you want to run the server for your friends on your computer, you will need to set up Port Forwarding, and information on that can be found on the Minecraft Wiki [Here]. Also in that page will have general FAQs for how to configure the server from here.

If you are using a server host, You will need to look up their documentation for using a custom Jar file, and uploading files in the server folder you created to the host. The process for doing so can vary with the host you choose.