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Agrarian Skies 2 Changelog 2.0.2

Map Changes:

  • Regenerated all maps - No longer have Missing Mods error on first load, and start in the correct gamemode!
  • Starting chests are no longer a thing! Start with goodies in your inventory!


Mod Changes:



  • Thaumic Tinkerer
  • MineTogether
  • Jaded Libs
  • Jaded NEI



  • Applecore downgraded to 3.0.0
  • AE2Stuff
  • Jaded Menu
  • Gendustry
  • Guide-API
  • MineFactory: Reloaded
  • NEI Addons
  • NetherOres
  • Tinkers Construct



  • BiblioCraft: BiblioWoods Forestry Edition - All the recipes were broken


Config Changes:

  • Added NEI Scripts to hide items from NEI.
  • Headcrumbs Config Updated - Fixed DMF and Tecrogue's heads.
  • Patched Better questing to be able to pull up recipes within the book as was possible in HQM.
  • This patched version allows the ability of left/right clicking, and using r/u (or your nei keybinding) for showing recipes and usages.
  • Rebound default inventory search key so that you can now type in searches in AE terminals using the letter 'T'.
  • Removed Bacon Seeds and Manyulum seeds.
  • Disabled Thaumic Tinkerer Bedrock Dimension and flight.
  • Weeds no longer overtake plants.
  • Fixed Buggy Enchiridion books.
  • AE2 Stuff Wireless connector uses 10% RF they used to.
  • Wooden tools are now struggling under the weight of nerf added.
  • Removed duplicate recipe for flour.
  • Botania and Thaumic tools have proper mining levels now.
  • Gendustry and CoFH Tool Changes.
  • Hammer Time Quest now accepts any kind of Ex Nihilo hammer.
  • Added recipes for Quartz, Vishroom, Tainted root, Shimmerleaf and Cinderpearl seeds
  • Tinker's Tools now have properly leveling up.


Questing Updates:



  • Mob Hunting quests!


Changes and Fixes:

  • Corrected lots of NBT issues for quests, especially regarding Thermal Expansion.
  • Quest rewards no longer give +3 bees of crashing.
  • Quests now have single-party rewards by default (only one person per team can claim rewards).
  • Shuffled some quests around.
  • Fixed extra oredict for lots of tasks.
  • Bees no longer given within loot chests (due to above crashing).
  • Placeholder reward no longer is holding a place in loot chests.
  • Quest visibility now only shows available quests.
  • Energy Cells from quest rewards are no longer full of bees causing crashes.
  • Removed Slime Sapling quest, since it was a duplicate of the other slime ball quest.
  • Fixed Arcane Crafting, Blank Slates and Purity quests merging improperly.
  • Re-added sprinkler to sprinkler quest.
  • Fixed placeholder item in a number of quests.
  • All quests now have room to breathe in the chapters.

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