ADG Volatile 3

476 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 25, 2018 Game Version: 1.11.2  

Volatile is back, with its third iteration!!

This is ADG Volatile 3, the testing ground for The Asylum's Modpacks for 1.11.2!


Why Should You Play this Pack?


  • Mods New and old!! - we add both familiar mods that you all know and love like RFTools, Refined Storage, and Tinkers' Construct, as well as newer and unknown mods such as Alchemistry by al132 and NuclearCraft by TLJGames.
  • Frequently Updated! - we plan to update this pack frequently as new 1.11.2 mods are released, even after our other 1.11.2 packs begin development.
  • Prepare Yourself! - This pack helps prepare you for what to expect in future 1.11.2 Packs.
  • Quests coming soon! - I am eventually planning for this pack to have quests that teach the new mods, and guide you through the pack!
  • Overall - this pack is the perfect introduction into the world of 1.11.2 with an amazing mix of over 160 mods!!


Currently contains over 160 cutting-edge, new, and familiar 1.11.2 mods, Including RFTools, Advanced Rocketry, Silent's Gems, and More!


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