ADG The Great Adventure

2,717 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 3, 2021 Game Version: 1.7.10   +1

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Hello everyone this is MCAdventureCity, and welcome to my new modpack, the Great Adventure!


About this Pack


This pack is a Magic, Exploration, and RPG-based modpack, so no tech allowed here!! As it is on 1.7.10, I am able to have more expansive adventure mods such as AoA and DivineRPG, as well as magic mods such as Thaumcraft and Witchery! of course, Botania and Blood Magic are also included. There will be an achievement book as well, which guides you through the ultimate goal of the pack: Killing every boss!!


This pack is also relatively lightweight at only 105 mods, so if you have a weaker computer, this may be a good pack for you.


Achievements that are still WIP:


Ars Magica

Blood Magic + addons

Lycanite's Mobs


Thaumcraft + addons






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