A Distant Paradise

137 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 10, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This modpack was designed for a modded server for my friends and I, there will we tweaks in the future aswell as some polishing as I go along and find errors. If you find any errors please tell me so I can fix them.




Most modpacks stray so far away from the vanilla game that it's hard to recognize the game as minecraft. The goal of this modpack is to ease my friends into the world of modded minecraft by adding mods that expand upon vanilla without being too complex and daunting. In this pack There is a simple magic system that is possible because of Lemonzzz amazing mod Arcane world, More exploration with Rogue Like Dungeons and more tweaks and additions brought by Vazki's Quark mod. The modpack adds tons of things that should/could be in the vanilla game aswell as adding things that I think could be neat without being over complicated.


And it brings back an old classic...


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