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24.3M Downloads Updated May 28, 2020 Created May 27, 2017

High-tech machinery, powerful energy generation, fancy gadgets and more. Now on Curse!

42.9M Downloads Updated Apr 3, 2020 Created Jan 31, 2015

Thermal gets Dynamic! Adds ducts - transportation for Redstone Flux, Fluids, and Items!

38.1M Downloads Updated May 31, 2020 Created May 16, 2016

linked color coded ender chests

46.7M Downloads Updated Dec 1, 2019 Created Oct 17, 2015

FTB Utilities is a mod by LatvianModder. It aims to provide several useful utilities within...

27.6M Downloads Updated Jun 1, 2020 Created Jun 25, 2016

Adds resource crops for more than 150+ vanilla & modded materials!

17.8M Downloads Updated Mar 17, 2020 Created Jun 2, 2016

Teleport back to activated waystones. For Survival, Adventure or Servers.

45.1M Downloads Updated Mar 24, 2019 Created Nov 29, 2015

An attempt to make a nicer-to-use builder's wand

39M Downloads Updated Dec 9, 2018 Created Mar 23, 2015

Simple library mod for in-game guide creation


  By   McJty
26.6M Downloads Updated Jun 2, 2020 Created Feb 17, 2017

XNet is a highly optimized networking cable system for items, energy, fluids, information, ...

13M Downloads Updated Jun 4, 2020 Created Apr 5, 2016

Keeps you from losing your belongings on death by placing them in a grave, with...

16.6M Downloads Updated Apr 30, 2020 Created Jul 14, 2018

A collection of Gadgets to make building large structures a little bit easier!

45.9M Downloads Updated Apr 10, 2020 Created Nov 16, 2013

Expanding Minecraft Thermally! A server-friendly and content-rich blend of magic and technology!

35.7M Downloads Updated May 30, 2020 Created Sep 22, 2014

An API for modifying the food and hunger mechanics of Minecraft

26.8M Downloads Updated Apr 3, 2020 Created Jul 4, 2017

Customizable and powerful world generation!

32.6M Downloads Updated May 14, 2020 Created Feb 24, 2016

Expansive content mod which adds a little bit of everything.

15.6M Downloads Updated Apr 28, 2020 Created Jan 17, 2018

A bunch of miscellaneous patches for Minecraft, including configurable read/login timeouts, player speed limits, End...

32.2M Downloads Updated Feb 12, 2020 Created Jun 28, 2015

A way for modpacks to ship a default (key) configuration without having to include an...

31.9M Downloads Updated Oct 23, 2018 Created Sep 11, 2016

Use tools. Get modifiers.

27.2M Downloads Updated Apr 6, 2020 Created May 27, 2015

Makes leaves decay faster when a tree is cut down.

23.9M Downloads Updated Jan 29, 2020 Created Jul 9, 2017

Control toasts, those popups in the corner!