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What is ZPM-Mod?

ZPM-Mod is a power generating Mod. You can find (and craft) Zero Point Modules and extract Energy from them. Huge amounts of energy!

See the Images section for some nice screenshots.

Feature list

  • TheOneProbe Integration
  • OpenComputers Integration
  • Automation through pipes and redstone modes

OpenComputers Integration

You can query the energy amount left in a ZPM. To do that, place an OpenComputers Adapter next to a large ZPM Controller. Then, you can execute the following code on the computer that is connected to the Adapter.

Note: You can get the name of the component (it's "controllerlarge" below) if you execute the command components on the computer.

Example for the large controller to get the energy in a ZPM:

local component = require("component")

local controller = component.controllerlarge

print(controller.getZpmEnergy()[1]) -- [1] resembles the slot

These are all available methods:

  • setEnabled(True) - Takes a boolean as argument and enables/disables the controller based on that.
  • setRedstoneBehaviour("ignore") - Sets the redstone behaviour of the controller (available options: "ignore", "active_on_redstone", "not_active_on_redstone")
  • getZpmEnergy()[1] - returns the energy of the specified ZPM in the controller (indexes in lua start at 1!)
  • getEnabled() - returns a boolean that tells you whether the controller is enabled or not
  • getRedstoneBehaviour() - returns a string that tells you the current redstone behaviour of the controller.
  • getMaxEnergy() - returns the max energy that a ZPM can have

Small ZPM controllers don't have OpenComputers Integration and won't ever have it.


See the Images section for some nice screenshots.

More information coming soon!

My Website: https://mayus.me