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'An early morning commute' - Xenoniuss [Feat: 'Revived Space' for the sky]


    • About Zora no Densha - What is Zora no Densha, and why has it been created?
    • Unique creation of rail vehicles - You haven't seen this before.
    • Featured images and videos
    • Regarding the mod - The download is here
      • Version history
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About Zora no Densha


Zora no Densha is a Minecraft train mod project started in late 2014. This mod adds realistic trains which can be greatly customised. Additionally, players who have knowledge about programming in Java can write their own add-ons and implement their own vehicle parts / trains using the in-built Vehicle Parts API.

Unique creation of rail vehicles

Zora no Densha allows players to assemble their own rolling stock in an in-game model editor. You can choose either from a palette of pre-installed vehicle parts to build your own rolling stock, or you might enjoy the variety of pre-installed vehicles (so-called "Presets"). Once you're set, a model can be turned into a blueprint. Then, the blueprint can be placed on maintenance tracks to spawn a guide model. Craft and apply all vehicle parts, and you're good to go.

Many vehicle parts have special properties, such as colorisation, animation, interaction, and many more.


For those who colorise their vehicle parts, here's a website that lists RGB color percentages for a huge number of colors: -Click me-


You can also share your Presets with the world! Simply click the "Export as File" button in the Engineer's Table GUI, and grab your Preset file from your mods/Zora no Densha/ folder.

If you still feel like there's not enough to work with, you can always create your own custom vehicle parts and implement these into the game using the Zora no Densha Vehicle Part API. Please note that this requires some basic modding knowledge.



Featured images and videos


Here you can see some of the best promotional videos and images our community and we have made!

'Light the lights' teaser by Optimus, member of the Zora no Densha team.

'Zora no Densha, the big announcement' by Optimus, member of the Zora no Densha team.

 Image by: 'Combicraft'Showcase of the tracks - Image by: 'Combicraft'

Urban area
Urban area - Image by: 'Combicraft'


If you have any screenshot you want to share, please share them with us on discord!


Regarding the mod


Version history

The mod's versions with their release date can be found here.

Zora no Densha_v0.6_MC 1.6.4 - Released: 2014/11/18

Zora no Densha_v0.7_MC 1.7.10 - Released: 2015/04/09

Zora no Densha_v0.7.1_MC 1.7.10 - Released: 2015/06/22

Zora no Densha_v0.7.2_MC 1.7.10 - Released: 2015/08/02

Zora no Densha_v0.7.3_MC 1.7.10 - Released: 2015/08/27

Zora no Densha_v0.8_Nov2015_MC 1.7.10 - Released: 2015/11/18
Zora no Densha_1.7.10- - Released: 2017/02/17
Zora no Densha_1.7.10- - Released: 2017/02/19

Zora no Densha_1.7.10- - Released: 2017/02/20
Zora no Densha_1.7.10- - Released: 2017/03/10

Zora no Densha_1.7.10- - Released: 2017/03/26

Zora no Densha_1.7.10- - Released: 2018/12/12


Currently known bugs/ incompatibilities


Please view our issue tracker on GitLab over here.


Downloads & Wiki

The download can be found in the "Files" section.
Please note that the download counts as an acceptance of our License.

Zora no Densha Wiki on GitLab


Contact Us via..

Twitter: @ZnDevelopment

Discord: https://discord.gg/MG25dhQ



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