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YUNG's Extras

Depends on YUNG's API
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What is this?

 A myriad of structures, features, and vanilla+ content. This mod is a collection of upgrades to vanilla Minecraft that are each individually too small for their own mods, but together create a nice finishing touch for your modpack. It's the cherry on top for any modpack.

The most recent release is the Swamp Structures for 1.18+, featuring:

  • Lots of Ruins
  • Ancient Pillars
  • A few very rare easter egg structures ;)

The initial release was the Desert Decorations update, which included:

  • New and improved Desert Wells (including the rare Wishing Wells which may have some treasure at the bottom!)
  • Desert Obelisks
  • Flame Outposts
  • And more!

This mod will receive content updates over time improving different parts of the game!

This mod is very lightweight and has minimal performance impact.



YUNG's Extras is intended to be fully compatible with every worldgen mod, including:

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