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1.12 is now considered the "Legacy" version and is not supported anymore.

Ygo Dueling Mod II - 1.16+ Versions:




Hello everyone,

I had the idea for quite a while now and I got some time over the weekend which lead to me finally working on this.


Make sure you also check out my other mods



Current Features

- This mod adds (almost) all YGO cards to the game!

- Use these cards to build and improve decks!

- Then play against other players!

- Anime card style (configurable)!

- All existing sets (boosters, structure decks, tins etc.) added to the game, buyable from villagers! partially implemented


Planned/In-dev features

- Connectable duel disks!

- 3D rendered cards when using a duel disk!


Development Discord

For newest development updates join our discord channel: https://discord.gg/6Aj5KNg


Official Mod Server

We are planning to open a server for this mod to allow collecting, trading and dueling in a 3D world. For this we need more admins/builders/testers/artists, tho brains/ideas mainly. So, if you want to be a part of this early, message us on discord: https://discord.gg/6Aj5KNg

Right now, the server is already up! There you can duel with others and have access to all cards while we are preparing the map in the next week(s). The world is also explorable, everyone is welcome!

IP: - DOWN - (We are usually running the latest version, unless we are testing something; if you want to be part of testing, join the discord!)


Which cards have been added?

The mod is reading from the API/database of ygohub.com. This means that, in case the API/database gets updated, new cards are automatically added in here as well. So every card there is in this mod. However, cards that are not released in TCG are not added. When writing this, the mod already contains more than 8.300 cards!



Want to see more? Join the discord:  https://discord.gg/6Aj5KNg



On first startup, the mod will read all cards from the database! This will take time but only happen once! Be patient!


Installation - Important!

By default, card textures will not be shown like this in item form. Only when dueling they will use real images. This has 2 reasons:

- These are a lot of images, meaning that you need more allocated memory for minecraft (with this mod alone, I recommend atleast 2GB).

- It takes a lot of time to download these images. They are not in the mod by default because of copyright reasons.

To enable this, open the config and turn "itemsUseCardImages" to "true". When you start the game now, it will take some time to download these images, so be patient! During that time, card images on the top left will also not be rendered!



Ideas, suggestions or a simple "good job" are a great way to keep us motivated! If you have anything to say, do it here, or on discord: https://discord.gg/6Aj5KNg


Frequently Asked Questions

Are cards scripted?
- No. It can happen far in the future, as java is able to load LUA scripts and there are programms out there which have an LUA script for every single card. But that is far future, if at all. But believe us when we say, that the way we have designed the board interactions, it is way more fun without scripted cards. It feels very fluent!

You should add XXX.
- Things will be customizable for servers. Tho, when we launch our server, you will be wanting to be part of our server instead of starting your own, trust us ;) and we are also more than happy to accept every helping hand.

Is the card XXX in the game? / Can you add the card XXX?
- Again, this mod is reading it's information from the card database of ygohub.com. Any card added there is also part of the mod. Unless your card is very new or OCG only, it is most likely already in!

All my cards are white!
- Read the installation instructions below the pictures.

Woah! You will make all monsters 3D animated?
- No. Thats not what we said. The 2D cards will simply be rendered in the 3D world, like it is done with most of the spell and trap cards in the anime. We do not exclude this feature, but it would require wonders from the modeling community (tho, it happened on Pixelmon, so why not again?). But dont worry, even without 3D monsters, the effects we have planned will give you an awesome feel!

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻   ???
-   ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)   !!!





Yu-Gi-Oh is TM and copyright Konami Holdings Corporation. This site and modification is unaffiliated.
I do not distribute any copyrighted material of Konami. The mod simply gets all it's information from the internet.