Ye Olde Tanks

449,926 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 5, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.1

Multiple Tanks

The four tanks contain Water, Lava, Resonant Ender, and Primal Mana. The Primal Mana tank is lidded.


Fluids can be inserted and extracted using buckets or any other fluid container item.


Having a lid prevents fluid from being inserted on the top. Shift+right-click with an empty hand to toggle the lid state.

Dipping Stick

The Dipping Stick can be used to measure the amount of liquid in a tank if Waila is not present.

Fluid Persistence

When Barrels are broken and in inventories, they retain their contents and can be replaced down with the same fluid and amount.


Barrels are made with 6 iron ingots and 1 cauldron (13 iron ingots total).

Dipping Stick Recipe

1 Stick + 1 Barrel = 1 Dipping Stick (the Barrel is not consumed)

Pipe Insertion

Fluids can be inserted with any fluid pipes that use the standard MinecraftForge Fluid API.

PIpe Extraction

Fluids can be extracted with any pipes that use the standard MinecraftForge Fluid API.