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(This mod is for Forge 1.16.5 - 1.20.1)



 Start your wild monster hunt with Gunblades today!
This mod adds 4 Gunblades to your game with 6 different types of Ammunition.
Every ammo type is unique and can help you dominate in your hunting trips.


The types are: Thunder, Fire, Frost(not available for 1.16.5), Poison, Explosion and the regular Ammo. The Bullets are easy to craft and can be rapidly shot by Gunblades.



So get your set of Mass Destruction and free those mobs from their agony, or slice them apart if they get too close.


(in the 1.16.5 version the thunder ammo is made from 3 iron ingots and 1 gun powder)



Gunblade recipes:
- Gunblade -> 4 iron ingot, leather
- Emerald Gunblade -> 4 emerald, leather
- Diamond Gunblade -> 4 diamond, leather
- Netherite Gunblade, done with smithing -> diamond gunblade + netherite ingot


Ammo recipes:
- Ammo -> iron ingot, gunpowder
- Fire -> blaze powder, iron ingot, gunpowder
- Forst -> snowball, iron ingot, gunpowder (not available for 1.16.5)
- Poison -> spider eye, iron ingot, gunpowder
- Thunder -> lightning rod, iron ingot, gunpowder
- Explosion -> tnt, gunpowder, iron ingot