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This mod is unmaintained. I am willing to transfer its ownership to whoever can and wishes to maintain it. You should read its horrible source code before deciding.

X-radiation is a customizable Fabric mod that allows players to select the blocks that they want to see, for which it provides a GUI. It contains 2 keybindings:

  • x: toggle X-radiation; and
  • v: open configuration GUI.

X-radiation provides a few special keywords that can be used in the GUI search bar:

  • xradiation:enabled and xradiation:allowed list the enabled blocks; and
  • xradiation:disabled and xradiation:disallowed list the disabled blocks.

X-radiation is incompatible with mods that replace Minecraft's renderer, like OptiFine and Sodium (except Fabric API's Indigo renderer, which this mod includes and uses; it might be compatible with Canvas).



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