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  • Item and fluid distribution is now very precise in combination with the minimum/maximum settings for a connector. Previously XNet would allow an insertion or extraction to happen if the condition was met. For example, say you specified to keep 1000mb in a tank while extracting. At some point the tank contains 1500mb and you are extracting 1000mb. That extraction would succeed because there is more then 1000mb in the tank and it would extract 1000mb which leaves only 500mb instead of the expected 1000mb. This is now changed. In this situation it will only extract 500mb and keep exactly 1000mb in the tank. Same for items and also for insertion. This allows for more precise amount management but it is a behaviour change. So if you depend on the old behaviour you will have to change things a bit.
  • The connector will now update the network if an adjacent block is placed that wasn't there before. That means that if you place a new block next to a connector it should now always show correctly in the list of blocks in the controller GUI.
  • New pulse mode for redstone control. This mode will let the connector do exactly one operation when a pulse is received. This way you can very precisely insert individual items in blocks (for example) whenever a redstone pulse is received. Note that when you have operations that are timed slow (i.e. 200 ticks between every operation for example) multiple redstone pulses in the idle time will still count as one pulse.

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