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Filename xnet-0.2.0beta.jar
Uploaded by McJty
Uploaded Mar 10, 2017
Game Version 1.11.2
Size 360.42 KB
Downloads 1,384
MD5 331e43cc105cc831e4cdd36c39c4e590
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Java 8



  • Controllers will now only inherit their color from connectors. Not from cables
  • New router:
    • A router can manage maximum 32 published channels
    • You can have several 'local networks' connected to a router. Every network is still restricted to 8 channels
    • You can publish a channel on a local network (one connected directly to a router) by giving it a name in the channel GUI. There can be maximum 32 such published names on a single routing network
    • A single router is as such useful as it can connect maximum six different local networks.
    • You can also connect multiple routers using 'routing cable' and 'routing connectors'
    • From the routing gui you can see the published remote channels but you cannot interact with them from there
    • Published channels of the same name and type connected to a routing network can interact. The local controller will still manage extraction of item, liquid, fluids from the local network but it can now also distribute to connectors located in other networks (through the router)
    • For now routers don't require power. This may change
  • Fixed a few bugs in how networks keep track of changes
  • A facade will no longer attempt to mimic a facade
  • Multiple controllers on a same local network will now shut down the network and make the controllers turn red
  • Added more The One Probe information on various things in the XNet system
  • Better localization for colored cables, connectors, and such

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