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Filename xnet-0.1.0beta.jar
Uploaded by McJty
Uploaded Mar 3, 2017
Game Version 1.11.2
Size 305.15 KB
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MD5 1d33ccb2ac44279a3c1ad968a9f08c45
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Java 8



  • First beta release of XNet
  • Several issues with regards to networking fixed. So breaking/placing new cables and connectors should now work nicely and update the network in all cases (unless there are other bugs)
  • New fluid channel for manipulating fluids
  • New logic channel:
    • A logic channel can contain several sensors.
    • A sensor can detect redstone level, energy, items, and fluids and do things based on the amounts
    • You can also look for specific items or fluids using a filter slot
    • Per connector you can have four sensors
    • A sensor can output a 'color' when it is active. There are seven colors (black is disabled). This color is enabled for the entire network (attached to the controller)
    • Multiple sensors can output the same color. A color is active in a network as long as there is at least one sensor enabling that color
    • All other connectors can now be enabled/disabled based on four of these colors. All non-black colors selected in a connector have to be enabled for the connector to work. This includes sensors
  • Connectors shut themselves down if the chunk they are in is not loaded
  • There are now four different types of cables (four colors) and connectors. This allows you to place adjacent cables without unwanted interaction
  • The network controller will adapt its color to 'one' of the attached colors and will remember that
  • The facade is more robust and will not crash if the model it tries to mimic cannot be rendered like that (e.g. brewing stand)
  • The controller will now consume energy. There are three settings:
    • Constant power drain no matter what: this is set to 0 by default
    • Constant power drain for every enabled channel: this is set to 1 by default
    • A power drain per 'operation' (item, energy, fluid move): this is set to 2 by default
  • A connector that has no actual connections is now rendered darker so that it is easier to see when it is part of a big cable
  • Fixed a bug in item routing which would cause it to stop sending items if it encountered an item in the source inventory for which there was no room

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