Xlv's Locks

512 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 27, 2019 Game Version: 1.7.10


The mod adds locks to the game. So you can lock any block and entity you want. It realy is. Just try right click with a lock in the hand on any block or entity. The lock will appear on that block. 

The lock has 6 levels of security. You can upgrade the lock by 1 level with special item - Pin. Just click on the lock with this item in the hand. 1 that level adds 1 pin to your lock.

The mod adds keys to the game. So you can unlock any lock that has the same UUID. 

The mod adds lockpicks to the game. So you can unlock any lock, if you successfully lift all the pins in GUi up. WARNING! The lockpick will disappear before the interface appears!


Lift the pins up until they light up in green. Press the space and notice the moving bar below. Now you need to press the space again when the white bar is in the central zone. 

If you make a mistake, the lockpick will be damaged. The lockpick can be damaged only twice(configurable). In case you broke the lockpick, the interface will close. 

If you have damaged the lockpick, all pins will stand on their starting positions.

Hard mode:
In hard mode the rules change. So you can't contact your lockpick with any side of lock in gui. Otherwise lockpick just breaks. But there the rasp can help you. Right click with the rasp in hand on the locked block and the lock will whetted a little. It means that in gui you will have more space for moving the lockpick. You can whet the lock 4 times.

The pocket key machine uses for crafting key blanks or duplicating keys and locks. You can use the pocket key machine only 10 times.

More features:

  • Languages: English, Russian
  • Locks work with all mods(all entities and all blocks).



  • - render fixes
  • - lockpicking logic fixes
  • - added a hard mode for lockpicking
  • - new settings in config
  • - gui doesn't pause the game
  • - gui was changed a little
  • - added new item - rasp. It uses for whetting the lock and simplifies lockpicking process only when hard mode is enabled.
  • - main config file no longer stores data about locks
  • - minor fixes


  • - bug/crash fixes


  • - alpha



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