XII - The Hanged Man

676 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 13, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.2   +1

Hive Mother Beholder update, 24.03.2022

Hive Mother falls from the sky

Cyclop update, 15.03.2022

Cyclop spawns inside his cave which may be of two different types: normal cave and deep cave

Thunder Lion update, 19.02.2022

Thunder Lion may be turned into a ranged fury using Bestiary Book

Cockatrice update, 01.02.2022

Cockatrice in standard size, small size and Goldlike status

Yeti update, 06.03.2022

Yeti pet may be evolved into Yeti King pet

Heart Mirror & Baby Heart Mirror update, 14.04.2022

Immortal mob with his child

Awaken Fungus update, 27.04.2022

Pacific plant may turn into a ferocious Awaken Fungus

Fungus update, 27.04.2022

Pacific creature wandering in rare biomes

Medusa update, 13.08.2022

Medusa petrifies living entities around, make sure you have a mirror in your off-hand