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While playing on WynnCraft, have you ever noticed, that you can't see the NPCs, because there are too many player in front of them?

Or you just don't like, when so many players are jumping or just walking in front of your camera?

You could say: "Wait, but there is a command to hide them!" - "Yes, but then you won't be able to feel the atmosphere of this giant server". You could want to make them not so annoying in some radius, but not hide them all completely.

And here comes Wynn Player Hider!


Client-Side Only!


Visualization Types:

  • shrink - Shrinks players nearby to the specific size.
  • vanish - Hides player nearby completely.
  • none - No effect.


Extra features:

  • Friends are not affected by this mod.


By default, visualization type is set to "none". To change it or any other setting, look at Mod Options in the Esc Menu or in config file of the mod.

Requires Wynntils!