Wrench Anything

401 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 4, 2019 Game Version: 1.15-Snapshot

Wrench Anything is a small mod which adds a wrench that let's you customize the properties of various blocks. The functions of this wrench will increase depending on what mods you have installed that utilize the Wrenchable library.


Wrench Anything (and by extension Wrenchable) already includes support for many Vanilla and possibly even modded blocks (this may vary, but Extra Pieces is already compatible). Every rotatable block is rotatable using right-click and shift right-click. If you hold Alt while right-clicking on a rotatable block it will rotate the block to face either your facing direction or the side that you right-clicked on.


Some blocks such as sticky pistons, doors, and signs even have special handling when you hold Control while right-clicking.


Vanilla blocks supported include: Repeaters, Pistons, Observers, Slabs, Logs, Pillars, Doors, Signs, Skulls, and more!


Also included is a config file which allows you to change whether or not the wrench has durability, as well as how much durability it should have.


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