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Cool little mod that adds worms (and now grubs!) to singleplayer/multiplayer Minecraft. 

It adds a chance for worms to drop when you are digging dirt blocks. The tastiest part?! You can eat them! Don't let the wriggling animation put you off, they are good for you.

Worms only fill half a hunger icon, and the saturation isn't good, but they can keep you alive if you find yourself lost without food. 


Video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOdUT6fgsxU




Requires Forge 1.8 http://files.minecraftforge.net/


v 1.1.2

- Mod Compatibility: Made a change to the way breaking logs are detected, extending compatibility to other mods. Tested with Biomes O'Plenty and Highlands mods.


v 1.1.1

- Feature: Added a chance for Cactus Moth Larva to from from Cactus. Note: They only drop from blocks you break, not cactus blocks that topple. So if you want to increase the chance of getting larva break the blocks from the top down. You can also cook the larvae.


v 1.1.0

- Feature: Added chance for grubs to drop when breaking logs!

- Feature: Worms and grubs can now be cooked in a furnace, improving their benefit to hunger and saturation, and producing a little xp.


v 1.0.1

- Feature: Added config file support. You may now enable/disable worms, set chance for worms to drop, as well as set min and max amount of worms per drop.

- Bug Fix: I realized there was some code I was testing to cause leaves to have a 50% chance to drop sticks when broken. Removed that code