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Worlds Retold is a small mod that expands onto the world of Minecraft in an organic yet unique way. We have mobs that fit in with vanilla, little spice of life changes, and of course- It's all configurable. Our mod operates on a module system, with each module being based on a biome or dimension. These can be entirely enabled and disabled, making it so you can have only the content you want in your worlds. 

Unfortunately the team is undergoing a major change because Xenform (look below) stepped down after a long period of inactivity. The mod is being taken over by cipher_zero_x so development will resume. We plan to port to 1.14+ so just hang tight!

cipher_zero_x - Team Leader, Head Designer, and Social Media Manager

TheMCOverlordYT(coldplayrocks) - Programmer

AndrDneehtfoerusaert - Head Programmer and Modeler

T3DK - Artist, Modeler, and Structure Designer

Anomalocaris101 - Artist and Modeler

Xenoform - Former Team Leader, Head Designer and Programmer

minecraftvinnyq - Former Artist and Modeler